Nǐ Hǎo

I made it half way across the globe, literally! I’m going onto my 4th week here in Wuhan and it’s been a struggle if I’m being honest. The language barrier makes everything difficult (people just don’t speak anything other than Mandarin and learning it is another issue cause of all the tones! *insert massive eye-rolling emoji here).

What I’ve struggled with the most and I won’t get used to, is the staring. People point and stare – some with awe, surprise, fear and disgust. It’s amazing how much the eyes and body language communicate. My mum once told me that body language communicates over 50% (something like that?) of what someone is communicating, as always, mum was right!

Some days, I walk out with confidence – head high, shoulders back, chest out and eyes forward. But other days, I just wanna keep my head down and get about my business without people staring at me. Everyone stares! Today I was thinking, this must be what it’s like to be famous. It’s like you’re an animal – people look at what you’re wearing, what you’re carrying, into your grocery cart, when you’re drinking or eating, take photos but try to do it discreetly, nudge their friends to show them, you name it.

I guess I did want to be famous when I was younger, now I know what it feels like. Except these people aren’t staring because I’ve accomplished something, but purely because of the colour of my skin.

I’ll be sure to keep this blog active as I share my year in China with you all! 🙂 #chinaadventure



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