#FOMO 2nd Edition

2 major concerts happened this weekend – Chris Brown and Wizkid in Mombasa, Fuse ODG and Flavour in Nairobi.

As much as I would’ve loved to see Chris Brown (who’s one of the best entertainers in the world right now– his character and personal life aside), I found myself shivering by the waterfront at Ngong Racecourse waiting and waiting and waiting for Fuse to get on stage!! I can’t emphasise the waiting enough!

The time of the event was not clearly communicated – 2 event pages on FB, one saying the event starts at 4pm, the other saying 6pm! Then the actual tickets saying 8pm!! C’mon guys, get the time right! Thanks to one of my friends who struggles with keeping time (I’m being polite), we got there at 10pm (mind you the 2 of us who were ready for 8pm were anxious that we may miss Fuse) only to drive up – no traffic, no queues and not many people!! Okay…

The stage set up was amazing!! There were 3 massive African masks at the back of the stage in front of the screens so the masks looked like they had eyes – proper cool! Although there was a random stage at the back – not sure what for, maybe they were expecting a large crowd and hoping that they could have the DJs starting the party on that stage?! Who knows…moving on.

There were several food stalls (nyama choma mostly) and the bars – Ciroc, Hennessey, Jack Daniels and the bar for regular folk like me. Monopoly money (FOMO money) was the currency of the night! A good idea but we had to make sure we spent it all cause it wouldn’t get us very far afterwards.

There were some opening acts – not memorable, just meh. DNG did a good job hyping the crowd with some help from DJs G-Money and Joe Mfalme. They got people dancing – I think that was close to midnight (or sometime after). Flavour hit the stage at about 2am “your waist 34, hips 44, age 24” – he clearly knows what he wants and kindly showed off his beautifully sculpted body (those biceps! Swooooooonnnning). He’s the first Nigerian act I’ve seen live and although I went in there not knowing what songs he sings or anything about him actually – I was impressed.

Eventually Fuse jumped on stage (he’s quite small) but his energy was amazing – Antenna, Azonto, Thinking About You, Light It Up to name some of the songs he performed. He was up there for almost an hour!! He seemed genuinely happy to be there and proud of his roots. It was refreshing. He even put a shoutout on his IG asking for dancers for Saturday’s concert! All his dancers were Kenyans which is fantastic – there’s talent here so why not tap into it? Was it worth the wait? The jury’s still out on that one

Organisers – please get the time right!! Sorry for you – it was the wrong weekend (Rouge Deck Pool Part, Oktoberfest, Chris Brown), timing was all over the place, the opening acts were weak – 3am is when your main act was hitting the stage, really??? Unimpressed with the lack of organisation. Unless the act you bring next time is a real jaw-dropper – many others and I will pass, FOMO will not apply.





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