Mean what I mean

Today is my last day at work. I’ve completed my 1 month’s notice as stipulated in my contract and as of tomorrow, I’m a free agent! 🙂

The decision to quit your job when you don’t have another one lined up isn’t “recommended” but why stay somewhere when you’re not happy? Why continue to tolerate your job purely because you’ll get a paycheck at the end of the month? What about all the opportunities you miss out on while you’re sitting at your 9 – 5  and wishing to be elsewhere. It’s not fair on the company nor you.

Leaving my soon to be former employer has not been as straight forward as I hoped, they have asked me to reconsider and urged me to stay (which is a knee-jerk reaction when an employer is losing an employee). At times, I have considered withdrawing my notice but had to keep going back to that joy I felt on the Monday morning I handed in my resignation…that feeling of happiness has helped me remain firm in my decision. This is what makes me happy, staying here does not. I’ve been asked to extend my notice by another month but have no interest in doing so. When asked countless times, it gets to the point where they are pushing you out the door by not respecting your decision. No means no. I was ready to leave when the letter was handed in and I am ready to leave now. No counter-offer or promise of more responsibility, higher pay etc. will change my mind.

So today’s post is to encourage those of you that need that push to leave your current employer for not necessarily greener pastures but for peace of mind. Do it and stand by your decision (then you can listen to some “mean what I mean” AlunaGeorge)

Cheers to new experiences!


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