Blankets & Wine – Estelle Edition

Estelle headlined the last edition of Blankets and Wine on 10th July 2016. The reason for not writing this post sooner was because there really was not much to say…she was OK. It was all very average to be honest.

The opening acts – Jarel and Sage were boring. Again, the opening acts set was wayyyy too long. MDQ killed it (again) but same songs as the last time, same dance moves… I suppose the good in that was that she didn’t disappoint? IDK. Perhaps she needs to look at allowing other people to perform? Just an idea.

Estelle (sigh)…she was good (ish). I guess I’m not a fan. American Boy and Conqueror were good. She’s ok…I really don’t have much to say.

Moral of the story – only go watch acts that you’re crazy about. Lesson learned. 🙂



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