Mi Casa, “mi casa es tu casa”


The South African house trio rocked the crowed house (tent) at the Alchemist on Friday 17th June. This is the first time I’ve seen the band perform despite them performing in Nairobi on several occasions. The funky beats, soaring saxophone, trumpet (Mo-T is A-mazing!) and sweet vocals come together to create the sound of this South African band that has managed to pull at the heartstrings of Kenyans and make us fans of their music (thank you to the “Beyonce of the band”, Dr Duda).

The rain didn’t seem to deter people as Blinky Bill warmed the crowd up for the main act. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome Blinky Bill is. The music flowed effortlessly. DJ KACE, ummm…

The band played all the hits we’ve come to love them for – “Heavenly Sent”, “Turn You On”, “Your Body”, “Jika” , “Chocolat”and  topped it off with a surprise encore performance of “Tulale fofofo” featuring Sauti Sol. The vibe, performances, instruments and most importantly friends made this a memorable one!

Oh yeah and they taught the crowd the South African pronunciation of “chocolat” – according to lead singer J-Something, women are either Milky Bar (with Skittles inside – I think that’s what he said), BarOne or Top Deck. Some may respond by simply saying “voertsek” (another new word).

All in all, fun night; awesome band! Karibuni tena! 🙂


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