Blankets and Wine – Aloe Blac edition

The chilled Sunday music festival known as Blankets and Wine made a triumphant return on the green lawns of Ngong Racecourse on Sunday 10th April 2016.

The recent rains did not seem to keep revelers away as live music fans streamed into the venue anxiously awaiting American soul sensation, Aloe Blac.

The afternoon started with upcoming artist Mayonde. She was dressed to impress with her backup dancers and Masaai themed outfit. Her start was shakey to say the least. Maybe nerves? She got better as the afternoon went on. I did get bored after about 20 mins to be honest (p.s. Blankets team – perhaps limit performance times to 15 – 20 mins, particularly for the opening act!)

Just a Band blessed the crowd with their final performance before going on hiatus (there was an air of nostalgia about seeing them on stage). The funky trio got the crowd moving and it felt like the festival had started. Although some songs started to sound alike, their spark was undeniable. Truly original and one of a kind, I’m glad to have seen them perform.

Seasoned performer, Muthoni the Drummer Queen, was in a league of her own. Her feistiness, attitude and bossss style stole the show. She got the entire crowd on their feet and pumped for the main act. Her performance was memorable! She really is the “Queen” in this industry. Oh yeah, and she brought our Kaligraph and Kagwe Mungai! The dancing, rapping, singing and drumming…ALL ON POINT!

Then came the smiley wonder that is Aloe Blac! He just makes you feel happy. He came on stage and the crowd went wild. The soul in his voice, the instruments that complement his style…A-MAZING! We sang and danced, waved our hands, snapped our fingers, clapped, jumped and shoved people around us to get a better view. It was soooo much fun! My voice was gone on Monday morning, but heck, when will you next see Aloe Blac?

For photos: Blankets and Wine Photos on Facebook


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