We’re 15 days into 2015 and that New Year, new vibe may be wearing off for most of us. One of my resolutions for this year was to quit my job (something I had been saying I would do since September!). Having pledged to be happy this year – I resolved to quit my job in January.

In fact as soon as my first day back to the office, I kept myself immersed in my new business idea and preparing detailed hand over notes (mind you the resignation letter just needed a date having been sitting in “My Documents” folder since September). Next week I have a meeting where this “letter from September” will be unveiled.

So what pushed me off the edge? I realised I’m worth more, there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you realise that you were created for more than mediocre. As is normal when one decides to quite one’s job, there is a constant battle – one part of you is screaming “are you nuts?” while the other part shouts “you need to be happy and this is not it.”

I thought I’d get some solace by googling “should I quit my job before I have another offer” – 9 times out of 10 the answer was a resounding “NO!!” Why? “Money, savings, jobs are scarce, uncertainty, it won’t hurt you to wade it out until you find something, bargaining power, blah blah…” But what I find extremely liberating about no longer having this attachment to job that I dread waking up to each morning – is the possibilities that freedom represents. No commitments, no restraints, no one telling me what to do. It presents the opportunity to build a career and not remain in a dead end job.

How will I keep myself occupied on a daily basis 9 – 5pm? I have no idea. Am I anxious? Of course! Am I making a mistake? Possibly. There is a quote that appears every so often my twitter newsfeed says something along these lines “many years from now you’ll regret the chances that you didn’t take,” so to all the naysayers discouraging you from doing what you want, terming it as reckless – tell them IDFWU.



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